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This is how Wong Fu shorts are made  Had fun sharing all the languages we speak in last wks Lunch Break  What languages do you speak Link in bio to find out ours...
Welcome to Papua New Guinea This country is simply amazing  The largest of the Pacific Island nations Its an absolutely spectacular place with over 850 tribes and just as many different languages  Of the 6000 known languages in the world 1000 of them ...
Star Stable has gone from 11 languages to 12 We are thrilled to welcome Portuguese to the game and are looking forwards to more new languages in the game in the future ...
18 languages...and she's  11 years old 
The best way to learn a language : Playing Games!
#QOTD : How many languages csn you speak?
#AOTD : 3, german turkish and english 💪
Character: Shiro
Anime : No Game No Life
We are happy to inform you about start the first international cookies competition  COOKIES UNITE We all speak different languages but the captions of our mentors has no languages  cookies unite all people around the world and have the one language  c...
1 Baba Deep Singh Ji fought with the doubleedged sword of 32lbs 15 Kilograms 2 Baba Deep Singh Ji was a master of many languages including Gurumukhi Sanskrit Persian Arabic and several other languages 3 Guru Gobind Singh Ji also taught him the art of ...
Pro Tan Sponsor of the IFBB has excellent news for all athletes We have created and translated our Do It Yourself Infographic for Proper Competition Tanning into 12 languages which will help educate for than 50 countries The languages are Chinese Mand...
Languages are one of my favourite things in the world, you'll always find me learning a new one even if I don't end up mastering it but I know a little of many languages thanks to this obsession. Now it's japanese that I've been learning fo
Hola, Ciao, 你好 Here at Oxford you can study languages ranging from Czech to Coptic, Yiddish to Hittite, Portuguese to Prakrit. #languages #oxford
“Where will meanings be when the words are forgotten” - WS Merwin. By the end of this century, half of the world’s languages will have vanished. We honor those disappearing languages and explore the repercussions from such ev
Go’s concurrency primitives are attractive to programmers who come from single threaded scripting languages like Nodejs, Ruby, or Python, or from languages like C++ or Java with their heavyweight threading model. 
When compiled, 
One person in this photo wrote a book that has sold 11 million copies, been translated into 50 languages, & has remained a New York Times best seller (24 years after its publication) THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES... the other two people have been
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