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Live the moment Family to me family are the people that genuinely have love in their soul for you family are the people that live threw the struggle with you family are the people that bring you up when your feeling down Im beyond humbled and grateful...
Friends over family because real friends are family  this is how I got the family oragraphy trip 2016Releasing soon oratrip oragraphy oragraphyteam orateam celebration festival trip journey travel destination forework friends love family besttime...
Worked off that Thanksgiving meal with a family walk This is our yearly family tradition and Im always Thanksgiving to get in that family time as well as workout time Also katieaustin and I are still giving away our FREE Family Fit Holiday Guide The l...
This pretty much sums up our crazy family: Last week Peg went to Sweden to visit family,so my family went to Spain, and Mia's family went to Florida. When they came to Florida, Mia and Penny went to Nepal, I to Biloxi, Phoenix to Washington
Happy Easter from our family to yours! 
What an amazing morning singing praises to our Lord together as a family, then a huge lunch with family... followed by 300 Easter eggs being hunted! What a blessing! #blessed #faith #family #love
No family is perfect ...
We argue , we fight . We even stop talking to each other , but in the end , family is family . The Love will always be there . ❤️ #fam #family #love #picoftheday #familyphotography #familygoals #grandpare
I still can't believe I won Most Promising Actress of the Year last night 😭❤ wooh. Grabe, Maraming Salamat po ULIT Guillermo Mendoza Foundation at FPJ's Ang Probinsyano Family!!! Dreamscape Family, ABSCBN Family, Viva Family
I love this moment and I love our family. As the kids get older, I feel so strongly more and more each day how important family is! Whether your family is traditional, single parent, untraditional, no parents, or any configuration...FAMILY
Hardest part about constantly being on tour is being away from family. My priorities have always been GOD, FAMILY, SUCCESS. But sometimes you go out and chase your dreams for your family & future family. I work, hustle, & grind every day to
Family means everything, yet... we succumb to Family feuds, beefs, judgements of family members, pressure, disappointment, negligence, selfishness and fear... we're all people, there's not a perfect family... nor perfect people... however w
#Repost @cheftraceybloom This is my family. Minus a few kids This is not only my TV family but it is a family that has welcomed me into their hearts. They give me tons of stuff. They take me on family vacations & gift me w/ things so great
Small family 💙 no family is perfect we argue,we fight ,we even stop talking to each other at times ,but in the end is family 👊🏻💪🏻the love will always be there 🙏
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