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Opel Xrange with certain Xtra Crossland X Mokka X Grandland X Opel Mokka X Opel Crossland X and Opel Grandland X  three members of one family The newcomers with the certain Xtra are Opels answer to the booming ...
The Grandland X in full spring mode - has us longing for better weather again 🌸

Pics taken by @unlikelydad (check out his Grandland X review within his blog) #GrandlandX #SUV #dadbloggers #Vauxhallcars #Vauxhall #MyVauxhall #S
When elegance meets ruggedness, great cars happen. We’re proud to bring you the brand new Grandland X, our latest addition to the SUV family. .
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The slim headlamps of the brand-new #Grandland X are framed by characteristic double LED wing graphics.
Enjoy the premium-class-innovations of the brand-new #Grandland X. The interior surfaces feature high-class haptics, giving the driver and passengers a feeling of well-being and comfort.
What a view! The hood of the brand-new #Grandland X features the signature #Opel crease – an expression of our design philosophy ‘Sculptural Artistry meets German Precision’. @opelvauxhalldesign
The new Opel #Grandland X doesn't just look great from the outside! We took extra care perfecting the cabin, combining sophisticated design with luxury. You might not want to leave your SUV when you reach your destination!

See for yourse
Ik ben vandaag in Duitsland om de Opel Grandland X te testen samen met @gregor - digging de ruimte en ook het feit dat je de achterbak open krijgt door een schopje in de lucht te geven 😀 hoe ouder ik word hoe meer ik 'ruime auto'
Took the Grandland X all over the city to show off it’s urban qualities, but in the end the early autumn light of the forest made it shine the most 🍁
@opeldanmark #OpelGrandlandX
Hey, good to see you, been a while... been busy playing around and shooting this all new Opel Grandland X - watch this one dance on my Story in a sec 🕺🏻 #s1000aerial 
@opeldanmark #OpelGrandlandX
Took the Grandland X through this giant jaggy car wash - not a scratch! - how’s that for an urban drive 😲
#opeldanmark #GrandlandX
With back to front good looks, the #Grandland X doesn't disappoint. Where are you heading this weekend?
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