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Just three kids ready to see Krampus! #NotTooDeep
Excellent day recording new episodes of #NotTooDeep with #famous #funny and genuinely great humans. #everyoneisfamous
Today I learned about the human ability to puke in a Ralph's bag while driving, the effects of accidentally perpetuating gender stereotypes and the popularity of medical masks at the theater! We recorded three incredible episodes of #NotTooDeep that I'm v
Have you heard!? #NotTooDeep is back with these well meaning idiots! Click the link in my bio to hear about how I lost my virginity AND MUCH MUCH MORE!
Just a couple gals shooting the sh*t about dogs sh*tting in shoes. Watch @brittanyfurlan on this week's #NotTooDeep! She's a god damn delight! Link in my bio!
Here's a candid photo of @hankgreen making me laugh while recording a new episode of #NotTooDeep. What a nice Monday. (
@harto is on this week's episode of #NotTooDeep! In honor of that here's one of my favorite photos of us! Link in my bio to watch a piece of the episode!
Watch me get WAY too excited to talk to @laurdiy on this week's #NotTooDeep AND see how I made this geode shadow box display in my new video! Click the link in my bio! DI(wh)Y not?! Byeeeee.
I was too excited to have @joe_sugg on #NotTooDeep but I think I played it cool. He's truly an A+ human being. It was a really great conversation that you should listen to! Link in my bio to watch some of my favorite parts!
I asked @rickydillon the important questions on this week's episode of #NotTooDeep. Click the link in my bio to watch!
Were baaaack NotTooDeep...
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