Proving my critics wrong is my favorite workout 🏋️‍♂️ 😈 I use the hurt people throw my way as fuel to keep chasing my dreams, & you can do the same-Don’t let anyone tell you what you are capabl
Everyone always asks how I became successful despise my childhood & trauma, but the reality is: I never stop trying. You can’t wait for someone to give you a chance, you gotta create your own opportunities 🙏🏻
This isn’t the first company that has used my images to sell diet products, or photoshop apps to make yourself thinner, or shapewear brands using my photo as the “before image”. This video was the evening of my party to celeb
when ppl look at me & say dumb things like I’m “promoting obesity” 🙄🙄 remember that it took me nearly my whole life to be ok with what I saw in the mirror, & if I’m able to start loving my fat body,
I’m sorry for existing & taking up space. 
LOLLL JK 4evr🤗🆒🤗🆒🤗🤗 Wearing @fashionnovacurve #effyourbeautystandards
BRB, promoting obesity.
Forever grateful & humbled by y’all’s love & art. 😭🙏🏻
Invite @gabrielsuperstar & I to all of your parties, we’re a lot of fun 💃🏻
Happy Birthday to the one & only, my baby bear, my cherub, my love, @hisvintagetouch 💕 No one does hair like you, belts out Mariah so loudly & annoying, and who else could invent the correct way to eat hot Cheetos: dipped in a bl
Happy Valentines Day y’all, & remember that the only thing you need today, is love for your own damn self. (& some 🍫, duh) ♥️💅🏻 🌹Bralette @savagexfenty 
Glam @hisvintagetouch @shab
What are things you used to get made fun of as a child that you now embrace & love? For me, it’s was my fair skin & my fat body. Growing up I was made fun of relentlessly for both things, & now I can’t imagine looking in the mirro
Sending you love, because you deserve it. Do something nice for yourself today, even if it’s something simple like looking in the mirror & saying: “I’m worthy, I’m valid, & I’m loved.” Ok? 💘
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