#AD 🧘‍♀️ @kindsnacksuk post yoga snack for the win! Veggie on the go happiness right here. #giveKINDatry
White linen. I’m fully committing to this weather thing 🏝
Legs need a tan but I’m doing this winter skirt thing. *not holding in a wee
“Floral for spring ? How original.”- Yes, I’m calling it. It’s spring 🙊🌸 - adding a swipe up in story and ‘fasHUN highlight ‘ x
Just tried doing yoga on the rooftop. I got a splinter ( seriously what adults get splinters !? ) and now I can’t get it out and I’m deffo being extra about it. See pic 2 😂 happy Saturday !!!! X
#AD you wouldn’t like me when I’m hangry 😬😅. I’m always on the go and sometimes it’s not the easiest trying to find a healthy veggie friendly snack. That’s why I love the @kindsnacksuk bars! Pa
Brb, off to buy some swimwear 👙
#AD My headstand game needs a bit of work 😂.Who else has to take 100 pics to get that one insta worthy snap? Do you ever go through your camera roll and see the ridiculously funny pictures that didn’t make the cut!? Well now
My boyfriend won a gold medal in jujitsu today. I created this strange pose and posted it online. I’d say we are all winners here. 🏆
I never did grow out of the baby grow thing. I just call it a jumpsuit now 👌🏽
‘Spelling is mostly awful but wears hats with confidence’ - this could be my updated school report 😅
Stripe up your life 👌🏽
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