Writing down where you are grateful for has been one of the best things from this trip πŸ“– @TheRanchMalibu #TheRanch4Day // where are you grateful for today?
OK, really underestimated this 4 hour mountain hike today, 11 miles... but we did it! My mom flew in to do this retreat with me, not fully knowing the program consists of 8 hours per day of rigorous exercise, including 4 hours of morning mo
πŸ¦„ πŸ’•
All about pink today πŸ’•
Morning LA πŸ–€ photo by mom.
Matcha waiting for? 🍡
oh hello week, let’s do this πŸ‘‹πŸ»
After my cup of coffee face > Laurens telling me not to drink to much coffee face β˜•οΈ
See you very soon NY, little scared about the -14 degrees ❄️
Only two more days to go to @midowatches mini website to create your own Mido, link in storiesπŸ–€ #CreateYourMido #Rainflower
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