tag team. look how proud he is of his son!
double dre hop kins • HOPPY SUPER BOWL YALL!
awwwww ski ski mothapuffa
black beans (took me 37 minutes to come up with that mediocrity, please acknowledge or upstage me below, thank you)
my friends abs might be hard but my nipples are harder
i look lengthy.. but my legs are actually 2 1/2 feet long. those are 30 inch long legs. i really do impress myself with how compact i am. i've slept in a drawer before. and i've woken up in a vase. whats your favorite color? tag a friend b
a basket case
just two balls of joy
yes, i only took pics at the store. i didn't buy squat... aisle be back though.
a dairy queen. even though i'm lactose n talented.
stop staring at my jugs
kick her to the curb
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