“My great, great grandmother was a vaudeville dancer.  Her husband would do the backstage work.  And that’s what every man in my family has done since.  My grandfather was the head of the NBC electric shop.  My father was a carpen
“I remember everything because I’ve obsessively thought about it.  She was my roommate's girlfriend.  We were alone in the house. There were vibes between us. We’d been flirting.  We sat on the edge of the bed for half an hou
“I was a teller at a bank.  I was working the front and couldn’t talk on the phone, so she sent me a text.  She sent two texts actually.  The first one said ‘I’m pregnant.’ And the second one said: ‘It’s t
“My mother ruled the house.  Everything had to be in its place and orderly.  There were plastic coverings on the sofa and armchairs.  She cleaned every day and I had to help her.  She was like a drill sergeant.  She told me when to wak
“We’d get in these blowout fights whenever she asked me to stop drinking.  She’d try to tell me to slow down. Or that my behavior was ridiculous.  Or that she loved me and she wanted me to be healthy.  But it just seemed like
“You can do things when you’re six that you can’t do when you’re three like my little sister is.  One thing is ice skate I guess, which I’ve done like maybe two times.  I fell down a lot and it felt kinda frustratin
“I’m not sure if you’ve heard about the accident at South By Southwest a few years back.  A car plowed into a crowd of pedestrians.  Four people died.  Twenty-five were injured.  I was the twenty-fifth.  I broke my back and n
“My dad came to America in the 90’s.  He worked at one of those stalls on 34th street selling ‘I Love New York’ t-shirts and plastic Statues of Liberty.  One of his coworkers had a sister back in Bangladesh-- which was m
“My mom got really famous around my junior year.  Up until then she’d been the director of a nonprofit in our community.  She’d organize little protests here and there.  But her profile really exploded after the election.  I
“We dated for two years.  He looked great on paper.  He was a composer.  He was tall and handsome.  He convinced me that we were soul mates.  And he was big into grand gestures.  One time he rented a convertible, handed me a foldout ma
“When my wife first told me that she was pregnant, I couldn’t sit down.  I wanted to rearrange the furniture or something.  There was this urgency.  Like I should be doing more.  My daughter is eleven months old now, and the feeli
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