Do we fart in front of each other? What annoys us the most about the other? Who is the reacher and who is the settler in the relationship? What’s the grossest thing we know about each other?And - How much time in a day does Dennis actu
when things feel dark... step into the light🧡 (my day got a lot better) (thank you) (thank you) (thank you)
Feeling so unbelievably low today. Just can’t seem to pull myself up. I have no energy. None. I feel like a deflated balloon. I want to move my body but I can’t. My head feels like it’s full of lead. My mind is so busy tellin
Whatever wounds we have inside will continue to create more of the same triggers in our lives until we’ve had a chance to heal them. It’s part of the genius that is this universe and the intelligence of our souls... Every time we
If we keep this up it looks like we’ll be ready for the swim Olympics by next week!😂🏊‍♀️🛁 (swipe to the last video to see how I use the pool noodle to teach her how to swim!) she loves th
There are some moments that extend into forever. This is one of them. She walked this whole long staircase down to the beach, one step at a time, and when it was time to go back up she ran ahead of me, wanting to climb on her own. I let her
Jumping away from all my responsibilities like...😋☺️😅 In today’s episode of the podcast I talk adulting (ugh), having to manage responsibilities, the 20-years old me vs the 30-year old me, instagram stea
This Pisces baby. All day long she asks to go swimming, or go to the beach, or take a bath, or to turn on the shower, or to water the plants. We got her her own little watering can and it’s her favorite thing. Yesterday she spent all a
My life begins and ends with these two. ⁣
Our last retreat of 2018 just ended today. I have done 12 weeks of retreats and trainings this year. 340 people have set their intentions, stepped out of their comfort zones, sat in ci
Life is full of cracks. It makes it hard for us to keep it together and it also gives us space to fall apart. And we need things to fall apart from time to time to give in for something new. It’s part of the cyclical nature of life; we
This happened today. 
Earth... I adore you. Thank you for spinning in a way that makes everything feel perfectly still. #miracles
She saw these guys drinking a beer, holding their instruments, and I swear - her face lit up like she’d just won a prize. I didn’t even know she’d actually seen a guitar before. She runs up to them, clapping her hands with jo
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