Rainy Monday realness.
Photography: @CraigMcDeanStudio
Styling: @marieameliesauve
W magazine, June 2012
On @caradelevingne’s 26th birthday, swipe to see six images from the pages of W that prove that the young super is still one of the best fashion models we have today. X
Someday your ship will come in. Make sure you’re dressed for it.
Model: @saskiadebrauw
Photography: @Roversi
Styling: @edward_Enninful
W magazine, March 2015
@Adesuwa's reputation for speaking out—about her industry and beyond, on Instagram and elsewhere—that makes her truly stand out as a leader for social change. And it doesn’t hurt that, with her long, flowing dreadlocks, she h
"I’m myself 24/7. If you like it, you like it. If you don’t, whatever. We don’t have to like each other. There are 7.6 billion people in this world. You don’t have to please everybody. – @Adesuwa
She’s been a top model for years, but now the outspoken filmmaker and artist is creating a world she believes in. In this Instazine, @Adesuwa Aighewi takes us to New York’s Harlem neighborhood where she's lived for the past year a
The ideal summer home, where cold concrete is cozy and your front lawn is a pool.
Architect: @whyheywhynot
Photography: @toddeberle
W magazine, April 2014
Is this week over yet?
Model: @naomi
Photography: @StevenKleinStudio
Styling: Camilla Nickerson
W magazine, July 2006
For the past three decades, #DriesVanNoten has tended to his business much the way he does his magnificent gardens in Belgium: quietly, carefully, and with absolute adoration. And what do you know? It has bloomed into a richly hued and into
The creative, playful, intelligent students of the King Alfred School, in London, exemplify the Japanese designer Jun Takahashi’s approach to fashion. Founded in 1990 and immediately popularized by the Tokyo youth culture, #Undercover
When Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen launched their label #TheRow in 2006, it was at the height of their celebrity, yet somehow they managed to form one of fashion’s most beautifully discreet brands. Much like the music of London’s Dee
What do #JunyaWatanabe and these scientists from University London College have in common? An intense curiosity toward their fields of study—in the Japanese designer's case, everyday garments and their many possible punk mutations. Wat
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