I did it!!! I made my husband truly love yoga❤️🙏🏻 or maybe he is very good at faking it?🤔 #mondaymotivation
Capri you been so great but it’s time to leave!😕 Next stop Rome for a day and then back home✈️🌎✨ #myitaliansummer
Every day is a new adventure✨
Another beautiful day in Italy.🚤🌊
Everything about this place is just wow! The view, people, water,air...and foooood of coz!😍😜 where are you spending your summer vacation?
Me by my husband❤️ #hehatestakingpictures #butheisgoodatit @carolinakuniverse
Ohhhhh....I love Italy so much! ❤️🇮🇹 #mysummervacation
Final dinner, before we all gone to summer vacations🥂✈️🏝🏜⛺️🏟
Instagram & Real Life🌸😁🍝 Warming up for Italy🤪
Miami Sunset by @wattsupphoto ☀️ styles by: @xgabriela
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