A set of 10 frames from an afternoon in East Oakland, featuring my friends the @scraperbiketeam on 81st Street, followed by a portrait session near the Coliseum with local photographer @Brittsense. Snapped two years ago to the day, some of
City Kids. ❤️
Moments like this... 3rd Street, Hunters Point.
Once upon a time... f/16 life. Details are worth a pinch and zoom. Would love to see this on a wall floor to ceiling.
The Resistance. San Francisco.
There's always next season... #ncaa #finalfour #marchmadness#finalfour #marchmadness
The Jolly Green 💚
@Ty.bloxx touching down on Russia Ave. at Edinburgh St., San Francisco... #bikesupgunsdown #bikelife
Fresh Trim...
Alternative route. LA. Snapped at f/10, 1/5 of a second, steady hand, no flash.
When you're having a slow day on the street, wandering aimlessly, then all of a sudden stumble into this Bruce Lee style moment. Rare, but occasionally happens. Stay on the ready w/ your picture making device(s)...
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