‘don’t let sunday fool ya, here’s my hallelujah; every single day i’m running to your grace’ 🖤 - happy sunday!! check out the full live video on
times square!! 🙈🖤 @spotify
getting soooo hyped to see y’all on tour🖤 do you have your tickets yet!? also, added a 2nd show in SF!!
bts from the day we sang “just as sure” - (recorded in the same room together!) this is a special one. check out the full live music video on
ITS HERE. i finally get to share this special project that i put my whole heart into! i grew up on gospel music, so the fact that i get the opportunity to make an album full of songs about my faith is a dream come true. not only that, but t
back in my element🖤
album so soooon!!🙊 here’s a sneak peek of ‘just as sure’ live ft. @jonmcreynolds 🖤out tonight
when i was 10 years old i sang on a lil show called ‘star search’ & @boyziimen happened to be the guest judges of that episode. i would’ve never thought that 15 years later i’d be recording & filming a tribute to aretha
got to play the album for a small group in atlanta & i LOVED seeing all your reactions!!
just a fewwww more daysssss🙊 #hidingplace 9/14
was such an honor to perform @ the legendary motown studios! so much history in these walls. & @boyziimen, thx for making this an experience i’ll never forget! #GENESIShalftimeshow @espn @nfl
filmed something special w/ the incredibly talented (& hilarious) BOYZ II MEN yesterday that airs TONIGHT on @espn!! look out for us during both halftimes of the monday night football doubleheader🖤🏈 #GENESIShalftimesh
happy sunday :)
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