Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts 💝 (W/ @gzorgz & @myrivermonster)
Oh, what a... handsome face.
This week’s #ShoutoutSunday goes out to every through-thick-and-thin “Theo” in the world!! Hope you all had a great week and great one ahead! ❤️🎶 (Song: “Better With You” - Michl)
Oh my gosh, it was SO DIFFICULT limiting this #SupremeArtSunday down to 80 drawings this week!! You guys brought the heat for Deceit’s Birthday, as well as tons of AU’s and just fun ideas!! It’s always a thrill seeing what yo
The Mind is a Mysterious Thing 🧠
NEW VIDEO: “Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe - A Good Ole Friend’s Grab! - Joystick Joyride” ⚡️ Joan introduces us to their childhood fave fighting game, and we battle each other to the death!! Fun!! Hope you enjoy!! L
I was going for a simple Crystal Gem look. @calypsomay went Full Fusion. 💎
Face Recognition Problems 📱
Going for that popular Shy City Dude look. 🏙🌸 (Thanks to @theleoanderson for the picture)
This week’s #ShoutoutSunday is for all the divine “Demi”s in the world!! Hope you all had a great week last week and a wonderful one coming up! 💛🎶 (Song: “Almost (Sweet Music)” - Hozier)
Coming Out as the Victor 💢 (W/ @daltoncotter, @hello_adri, @thatkennyguy1)
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