Netflix Features I Want 🖥
This week’s #ShoutoutSunday is dedicated to all the rocking “Rob(i/y)n”s in existence!! Hope all had a grand week! 🎶
Here’s a nighttime Virgil for your feed... 🌙
Leaving Voicemails 📱
Haven’t posted a non-selfie in a while that wasn’t professionally taken, and this is why: I have no idea how to pose, and so I end up with this. What is this pose? A rejected Dragonball Z character?? It looks like I’m giving
Being a Romantic Introvert 💘 (W/ @kyle.tapley)
This week’s #ShoutoutSunday is dedicated to every incredible “Iv(ee/y)” in existence!! Hope you all had a great week!! 🌿
An April Fool’s Day/Easter Crossover Episode 🐇 (Slowly avenging all the pranks she’s pulled on me lol)
Keysmashing ⌨️
So I decided to do what any friend might do and commission an incredibly talented artist (@brei.grace) to create comic book versions of many of my friends with superpowers of their choice!! Gotta say, I absolutely love the result!! (Valerie
NEW VID: “MUSICAL TOUR (Announcements Video)” 🚌 You guys, I need your help!!! Link to the video is up in my bio! ☝️☝️☝️
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