A Very Technicolor Sunset 🌇
The Influences of Babysitting 📺
This week, in honor of the anniversary Virgil’s name reveal today, #ShoutoutSunday is dedicated to all the victorious “Virgil”s everywhere!! Hope you all had a great week! 💜🎶
So we’ve been filming in a location with a wall mirror this past week and I’ve been enjoying it.
What an absolutely incredible week of art from you all!! I don’t know how you all continue to amaze me with your creative creations, but you definitely do! Thank you for an awesome #SuperArtSaturday!! Be sure to swipe thru to see all t
NEW SANDERS SHORTS COMPILATION for JUNE 2018! 💥 A new video full of silly sketches with friends!! Hope you all enjoy! Link to the video is up in my bio! ☝️☝️☝️
When Loved Ones FaceTime, I Know Where My Focus Will Be 👥 (W/ @jayharper_official)
Purple Hair 2: The Purp Strikes Back 👾🕺🏻☂️🍇🎆🔮💜
Uncultured Friends 📱 (W/ @tshroom; credit to @drewisgooden for the iconic vine!)
This week’s #ShoutoutSunday is dedicated to every magnificent “M(a)(c)k(e/i)nz(ie/y)” in existence! Hope you all have had a wonderful week! 🎶💜 (Song: “Skeleton Park” by Kasador)
Another beauteous week of art!! You all are so incredibly talented and creative, I will never get over it, honestly! Thank you all for helping to make this an awesome #SupremeArtSunday!!! Be sure to swipe thru to see all the art and artists
Got to talk to and hug these nice dudes at their show, “Interactive Introverts”! They seem really cool! 💜
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