A family that travels together.. stays together... we also don’t sleep on these long flights thanks to someone in this photo ...but hey! At least she’s cute 😜 @vegaalexa @oceankingpenavega @hawaiianairlines #takemefishi
Saturday plans? #whyamiinthecrib
GUYS!! Mark your calendars!!! It’s OFFICIAL! #LoveAtSea is airing on @hallmarkchannel AUGUST 4th at 9pm ET !!! You don’t want to miss this movie!!!🎥🍿WARNING: ⚠️ You will most likely want to book a c
Last week we challenged some of our friends to the #poweroflovechallenge ... this was one of the videos..WELL DONE ✅!! WATCH TILL THE END :) Love you guys!! Can’t wait for you to visit!! @hannahfrendl @jenntarbell @tarbellkevin /
Naps are the best when they are on my shoulder :)
NOT spoiled or anything...
This week is one for the books... Mr. Ocean learned how to climb out of his crib.. he woke us up the other day by leaving his room and banging on our bedroom door...We removed one side of the crib.. put the mattress of the floor.. and he is
The squad hanging while daddy kite surfs... man i love my little crew :)
Oh you know.. just a typical Tuesday ...
That time mommy and Ocean worked together ;) @oceankingpenavega @vegaalexa #loveatsea
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