Sound on for S I Z Z L E! Mexican Apple Pie: Apple pie slice sizzled in Mexican brandy butter with cinnamon ice cream. Seriously amazing 😭🤤 @stickaforkinme @cantinalaredo #PHAAT
Loading up the C H E E S E fries😋 #PHAAT
We’ve only got a few weeks left of #MiamiSpice so don’t miss out on the best participating restaurants! @filiarestaurant serves up delicious pastas, pizzas, and desserts on their #MiamiSpice menus. Check it out! #PHAAT @slsbrickel
Bucatini Pomodoro with fresh burrata on top 🍝 @dalplinmiami #PHAAT
Nothing says “that’s a damn good burger” like @dwyanewade ‘s face 😂
Had the pleasure of trying the new @800degreesmiami last night! Both @dwyanewade and @ud40 put a lot of love into this spot and yo
RAMEN BURGER in the MIA! With goat cheese, caramelized onion, mixed greens, tomato, spicy mayo on crispy ramen buns! @crudosfusionart #PHAAT
Beautiful Parmesan Truffle Fries on a Thursday💃 @lechickrotisserie @stickaforkinme #PHAAT
Double Bacon Cheese Burger with AVOCADO BUNS from @amourdemiami! I know this dish is controversial because well, who is going to eat this like a burger?! You clearly need a fork and a knife😂 regardless, it’s tasty af @amourd
Avocado fries YESS. 🤤 #PHAAT
Homemade pasta warms the 💕 rigatoni a la vodka with peas and diced tomatoes #PHAAT
Clearly having a moment😂 what’s your go to donut flavor? Bet you can’t guess mine 🙃#PHAAT
The prettiest SUSHI DONUT there ever was! Tag a friend who is as EXTRA as this donut 😂 Checked out @oishithainorthmiami with @stickaforkinme to see the awesome @chefdanny_cookingbyheart make his signature Sushi Donut. This is not
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