Out here making Canada 🇨🇦 Emo again.
Head over to 8123 to pickup some of our new limited edition merch and the first ever 8123 Magazine! Link in bio.
Fry Your Brain with The Maine week one!!! Video by @_lupe
e i g h t y  o n e  t w e n t y  t h r e e
Hello from the guys!!! Out here having fun. 📸: @_lupe
Sweaty and ready
One year ago today this was posted everywhere. We can’t put into words how much your support over this year since Lovely Little Lonely was released has meant. We don’t need a record label, we have you. Love you till the end. #8123
Despite the very sad looking faces we are having a great time. Swear. #bluemangroup #8123
Tour is off to a ripping start!!! Portland is tonight then Seattle and Spokane. Come fry your dang brain. 📸: @_lupe
Going for a cruise on the first day off of the tour!!! Off to Portland tomorrow night 🌹🌹
And we’re back... Welcome to the Fry Your Brain With The Maine tour.
Tour kicks off tonight!!!! Make sure to take a photo at the “I Fried My Brain With The Maine” photo booth presented by @bandsintown and then check our Facebook in a few days to get your photo!!!
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