talk less, groove more! 👂🏼👂🏼@nonchalant_savant @crucialx88
🐎 YTLHDSG running free.
what we should be doing on the 4th... instead we’re working. in canada. oops. 🇺🇸
My girls (and Karan’s hat)
it’s just an internship but I think they’re impressed
5:30 am call today but I thought we were gonna have to cancel production cause the freaking sun exploded lmao seriously there is no filter on this picture this is the natural color that was coming through the blinds
Happy Father’s Day you big. A lot has changed since this picture was taken. That donut would be vegan, that shirt would be a shmedium and I would have facial hair the color of yours here 👆. But it also feels like nothing has
I’ve always thought social media should take a back seat to real life... even if this is a big part of my career. Getting hacked twice in the span of a week or so wasn’t fun... no. But the truth is I don’t care about Instagra
When your immune system takes a vacation 🙃
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