the location makes me so happy i had to post this. i’m sorry i’ve been m.i.a 💔 i miss you all
i didn’t like my face in this pic up until now. took me a year lol. shot by @thetylernevitt
beamers & bandanas #roadtocoachella #bmw #bmwi8#roadtocoachella
i am a child and this is my destiny
before heading out last night on our #roadtocoachella with the iconic @bmwi ! #bmwi8 #ad#roadtocoachella
lol hey guys it’s me
haha i touch my hair in all my posts but wtvv this is a vibe
icy but still fire
trying less hard than usual
I got an early peek at @nbcrise new show Rise before the premiere tonight at 10. I haven’t watched many coming out stories on tv, which is why I’m excited to watch simon and michael’s journeys this season. coming out is once
last b*tches left on earth
happy jack
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