Newcastle night #1 ! 📸 @zakarywalters
Dorito is all of us
Back to the time I became a hashtag with @securitykev #hashtag
Operation get @securitykev to a million followers, he’s very close. He’s a picture of me feeding him his tea, he gets a bit aggy if he hasn’t had tea
Glasgow night #3 ! 📸 @zakarywalters
Glasgow night #2 !
Me telling Stuart there’s a cheesecake in the dressing room waiting for him #dreamscancometrue 📸 @zakarywalters
Glasgow night #1 !
Honoured to be presented the songwriter of the year award by the man who inspired me to pick up a guitar, what a day
Me and @stormzyofficial both won some Ivor Novello’s. What an honour, thank you x
Divide went 10 times Platinum today in the U.K. it’s almost overtaken Multiply which I didn’t think could happen. Thanks for all the continued support. Here’s a picture of a meme from last year. Love you all x
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