Illustrations by @jessedraxler in #SuitedMagazine Issue No. 7. Available for purchase online or at select retailers. #jessedraxler
“I feel like we now realize our value is not putting white people into consideration when making things.” A sensitive comedic perspective injects balance into a history wrought with pain. Read @ibraake’s full story photograph
Issue No. 7 celebrated alongside the Donna Gottschalk exhibition at the Leslie-Lohman Museum, also on view Honoring Trans Lives Lost. Issues are available for sale online and in select stores.
“I don’t like to envision the future of my career,” he says, “because I’m way further ahead than I thought I’d be at this point. I really don’t know what’s next.” Congrats to artist and designer
He also believes that designers should be concerned with freshness and newness in their work, but for him this isn’t a case of either/or—it’s about duality, and to a greater extent, growth. Photography by @nicholasalancope s
Nine years after founding his brand with the goal to compete globally, he had arrived. The collection boldly proclaimed itself “genderless” and “limitless” just as gender-fluid design had begun burgeoning. It was the rig
“It may sound like a poetic way of explaining himself, but Juun.J could not be more upfront. Finding the new within the old is at the crux of his brand, and the friction found in this juxtaposition is arguably what has pushed him to be
“If something’s too beautiful or if there’s a video that’s too straightforward, my instinct is always to go, ‘Well, how can we fuck it up?’” After seven years away from the music industry Cody Critcheloe r
“I think that’s where SSION comes from, is that exclusion, of being shunned. And that’s the true spirit of it. It’s  taking that feeling of being excluded and rewriting it to work for yourself.” After seven yea
It’s been a while since Cody Critcheloe found himself at the center of attention, following a seven-year hiatus from his music career as SSION, a DJ with a penchant for queercore dance anthems that would tickle both David Lynch and Igg
Donna Gottschalk was able to photograph her sister, Myla’s transition in the 1970’s. Gottschalk’s work gave insight into a community that wasn’t celebrated publicly at the time. “I think that her work is really impo
Read Donna Gottschalk’s interview with @jacquiviolet in #SuitedMagazine issue no. 7. Available for purchase online at or at select magazine stores.
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