“I think when it’s all said and done and everyone has accepted the change that we’re setting forth now, fashion’s going to look like a playground,” says @kerbito. “It’s going to look like a microcosm of th
“Fashion is going through its growing pains right now; trying to figure out where it is and who belongs. I think what we’re going to find out is that everyone belongs here– that we can’t have fashion without people," sa
Asking artist and designer @kerbito about how he sees the future won’t exactly lead you to an answer you’ll expect. “I don’t like to envision the future of my career,” he says, “because I’m way further ahe
More from artist @asuka_anastacia photographed by @tracey_nicholson in the editorial "Vision & Void" in #Suitedmagazine Issue no. 6, available for purchase online at or at the link in bio. . .
#asukaanastasiaogawa w
The surrealist designs find a kindred spirit in artist @asuka_anastacia, a fellow CSM graduate whose own work mines the tension between trauma and innocence, all within a surreal universe of its own. She is photographed by @tracey_nicholson
Artist Asuka Anastasia Ogawa is photographed by @tracey_nicholson to highlight the work of recent fashion design graduates showcased by Void, a new initiative that challenges its participants to envision a new approach to fashion. .
“I don’t believe in the middle ground of politics because that’s usually a moderate compromise that won’t solve a problem, but I do believe in the common ground, and common ground can show up in very strange places," sa
“You have to start where the pain is so big that the ideology doesn’t matter […] Where we disagree, we should fight. Where we agree, we should work together. This is what we tell people in kindergarten: where you disagree, di
Van Jones
“I started up as a bomb-thrower and I wound up as a bridge-builder because real solutions require real cooperation across all these lines […] Velcro takes two sides to stick! It’s not just one side that is bashing
“If I get too far in the future, I kind of get stressed out. But I’m optimistic of it. I think a good mindset and positivity lead to positive things and situations, so I’m not too worried,” says @omgitsmeg in #suitedmaga
“Sound speaks to me. And what’s been astonishing about this whole process is that I will have people coming up to me, saying, “I connect with that—that happened to me.” And I will think, I really touched on a human
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