@kelelam in #SuitedMagazine Issue No. 7 photographed by @frenchgold, styling by @jessswill, hair @thehairartiste, makeup @raisaflowers, nails by @mpnails, set design @kristiankirk, produced by @nv_nvs, lighting design @o.smithclark, wearing
A big part of @kelelam’s mission is including people in the canon who are typically excluded until their moment has passed. “Especially the people in electronic music, the people who are canonized while they’re alive are whit
“I have to do the thing that would make me feel the most uncomfortable, the thing that's most hard for me, because then you get an image that feels more urgent,” says @kelelam, Issue No. 7 cover star, in her conversation with #sui
Issue No. 7
Video and magazine Art Direction by @newyorktype @newstudiostudio .
Purchase at link in bio.
Issue No. 7 
buy it now at link in bio.
Thrilled to announce our cover feature for Issue No. 7 of #suitedmagazine, singer and artist @kelelam. The child of Ethiopian immigrants who grew up in a Maryland suburb and joined an underground club music culture, her sound is malleable,
“The first collection, it’s like the alphabet. You set up the language, and you’re going to evolve with this language over the years,” said @samueldrira. But I remember in the beginning, when we met the first time, I kne
“These pieces, they look familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. On the rack, it looks familiar, and then you hold it and it looks different. You can wear it like this and like that, and it’s like playing with something very rea
“Also there is this multiethnic aspect in Tel Aviv, which brings a lot of types of clothes. You can see sneakers combined with something African and then a bomber jacket. But also there is this religion thing where you see a lot of peo
“I agree with the saying, ‘It’s not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters.’ Our lives are determined by a series of choices. For me, rewriting the law was the right choice,” says @amandangocnguyen
At the hospital, @amandangocnguyen was greeted with endless forms, questions, tests, and examinations. When she was eventually released, now a “sexual assault survivor,” she was handed a pile of pamphlets that served as nothing mo
Congratulations to Amanda Nguyen for being nominated for a 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. Nguyen is nominated for founding Rise, a civil-rights nonprofit that works with the U.S. government on both the federal and state levels to implement a bill
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