color worlds on linen.  lots of questions about the linen I use for my paintings lately - I use a clear gesso primer for all those asking.  I make these studies while mixing colors for a larger piece to see how the colors interact with each
slowly making new work, searching for the “mystery that is essential to reality,” as Fairfield Porter called it
New Mexico color story
my friends Bri and Bolivar on a full moon ride a little while ago
earth comets
paint made from dirt found in California, Colorado, Arizona, and my home state of New Mexico.  whose dirt should I paint with next?  I hear Georgia has some good ochres...
a few of the paintings of blood moons I’ve made in the past four years. Georgia O’Keeffe thought that if she painted the same mountain over and over God would give her the mountain. I’d settle for a canyon of the moon
making paint from Colorado dirt
working out the details for a few upcoming workshops on how to make paint from natural pigments in Colorado, California, and my home state of New Mexico.  I’ll announce the workshops to my mailing li
shipping out these ladies today.  100% of the sales of one print are going to @raicestexas and 10% of the other to @theyoungcenter to reunite immigrant children taken by the American government. let’s not forget that thousands are stil
decided last minute to go camping in Wyoming this weekend. camping with a tiny human is crazy and exhausting but worth it. because sometimes you need to remind yourself that you’re still wild. and one day I want Wyeth to say I’ve
sometimes my watercolors take a couple days to dry fully. the colors in this painting faded as it dried. the unexpected is often more interesting than the intentional.

earth, wind, water, time
painting made from Colorado dirt
one of the best parts of the summer so far was camping with Wyeth in Abiquiu on our way back from Joshua Tree. my mom used to take me and my brother camping in this canyon when we were little and Seth and I camped here on our babymoon when
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