Time for happy. #FlatWhite
πŸ’›Starbucks #BlondeEspresso. πŸ’›
Weekend: "Do all the things!" Coffee: "Shhhhhh, not yet." Regram: @ktnewms #CozyVibes
Like a tasty little time machine. πŸ’›#SmokedButterscotchFrappuccino
Not too bold. Subtly sweet. Starbucks #BlondeEspresso is just right. πŸ’›
Swipe for πŸ’—. #ValentinesDay
Happy #ValentinesDay πŸ’•
Because someone really, really, really, really loves you. Regram: @cheetahmm
XOXO, #CherryMocha
One is for eating, the otherβ€”a muse. ❀️ #HeartSugarCookie
Super  #CherryMocha  land complete!  Continue  through  the chocolaty  forest  to  the  top  of  Mount Siren.  The  whipped  cream  clouds  need  your  help!
Regram: @frappuccino
❀️, πŸ’š, πŸ’— in a cup.
Regram: @taymeetsworld
#CherryMocha is here through #ValentinesDay πŸ’β€οΈ |πŸ“ Available in US and Canada
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