“Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.”
- Mary Oliver
And if I might add ... cultivate immense gratitude so that you are never not astonished i
When the fam rolls deep and shows how PROUD they are! Chatting with my sister @ibtihajmuhammad at her book signing yesterday was an absolute dream! We dove into her book, life, inspiration, work ethic, faith, the beauty of a multicultural s
I got to spend some serious heart and soul time with my sisterfriend @ibtihajmuhammad yesterday. Talk about a #FierceFemaleFriday!! This woman. We really dove into some topics that inspired me, and were so deeply thought provoking. And our
Family Fire: a shooting that involves an improperly stored gun, often resulting in death or injury. Family Fire kills or injures 8 kids a day. 4.6 million children live in homes with unlocked and loaded guns, and 3 out of 4 kids know where
Yesterday was #BlackWomensEqualPayDay. We must all acknowledge the compounding hurdles women face. While women’s equal pay day happens in April, highlighting the pay disparity caused by gender, women of color face gaps caused by both g
And y’all. Dana Delany!! Theatre goddess. I got to interview DANA FRICKIN’ DELANY about her new play! It’s called Collective Rage: A Play In 5 Betties. And I cannot WAIT to see it. What a day! I’ll stop now! 🤣
Guys. Today was a dream come true. An actual item crossed off the bucket list. I got to host one of my very favorite, iconic talkshows! The hour went by so fast. The giggles never stopped. I’m pinching myself. Thank you to the @livekel
Sooo the last time I was a guest on @livekellyandryan I had the BEST time! But tomorrow may be even better because ... I’M HOSTING!! With @ryanseacrest. @kellyripa we will miss you / hope you’re having the best vacay / THANK YOU
#MondayMantra 🌺 @beyonce “If people in powerful positions continue to hire and cast only people who look like them, sound like them, come from the same neighborhoods they grew up in, they will never have a greater understand
very into this whole train situation... 🚂 #IChooChooChooseYou @andnorth @elliatt #SoireeOnTheRailway
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