Sorry Nasa, but I’m pretty sure I nailed that Blood Wolf moon.
Guys! You now number 12 MILLION! That is wild and awesome and I am grateful to have this platform and be able to speak to so many of you. SO, if I could have your attention for a moment I would love to tell you about Sophie Grace Taylor @su
Words to live by (via @theclass )
Felt cute. Thinking about deleting later.
Guys! I made a heart in my morning coffee... kinda. #mood #sunday #sadfirstattempts#sunday #sadfirstattempts
More hummingbird work outs with @amyrosoffdavis this time this genius turned my bookshelf into a Pilates machine!
Exactly 1 year ago today I was just getting over food poisoning and wonder what the hell I was gonna do with myself in 2018. Here I am today, sick again, (Classic) but holding my first born daughter. I guess 2018 had its own plans for me. T
Dis one of ma favorite Hoomans. Hims play good music and say smart things (mostly) Hims get a bit older today. We love hims even more older. Happy birfday Earl’s Daddy.
May those who gather at your table (and those you gather in your heart) have a happy and healthy holiday. Merry merry.
Christmas is ruff
Happy Winter Solstice
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