"Listen to your heart, Listen all your life
Listen to your hear, and then you'll be alright" by Ian Fraser Kilmister (Lemmy) πŸ“· @kayjansen
Thank you for sharing you're pics with us. Keep going πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
🐺 Howl with your friends at the moon, pack life with good memories.

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Design by NINO (Indonesia), 7yrs
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With us, #weird things happen 😁

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Sometimes you only need a pen and a broken leg for the great drawing. 😎
πŸ“£ Let us introduce you to our super-flying model. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. @ou_bejbi_boi ✨
Perfect outfit for the first, second or last day of your job? This guy knows. 😜
Time for hamburger! πŸ”
Helping the young ones to create and make. "The goal of the project was to create a piece of art about the south-side community for the kids to see the wealth in their culture, natural resources and relationships with each other."
This p
Happy and satisfied clients are the biggest reward for our work indeed. Especially when your client is a professional photographer like @nevenkrcmarek so he makes the perfect photo of the masterpiece his son made :)
Scorpion and Sub Zero w
πŸ•Έ Walk into spider web and turn into ninja. πŸ‘Š πŸ–ŒArtist: FRAN (Croatia), 7yrs
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