🙃 Ur mirror not working out @sophiacharles
We flew over the North Pole, Korea to New York and it was mesmerizing.
Had my birthday in Korea celebrating the beautiful union of two very beautiful individuals. (And also suffering concussions from hitting my head on all the tiny doorways.) 😭
This stayed in Paris. But I was still sad to see it go.
@thecovertcollective #TOUGHGIRLSCLUB #女强人
Weather’s been bipolar.
New on @thecovertcollective ✨✨ #toughgirlsclub #女强人
It’s been tough and shitty but we got our paperwork submitted so we passed stage one at least. 🙌🏻 Also If you’re marrying a foreigner get all your documents stamped with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in you
In Lithuania, do as the Lithuanians do.
Lucid Dreams, Harpers Bazaar Malaysia, April 2018
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