I’m finally the smaller one in the relationship 😍
my natural habitat
When you know there’s tea, and you want the tea, but you decide the teas just too hot.
when i was a kid my dream was to grow up and have a golf cart. I can’t really explain why and i know it’s kinda dumb but i’m so excited to drive around and have my future farm animals chase me. :,) I’m so excited about e
first week in my new place has been perfect ❤️
last night we ate pie like it was pizza and drank shots out of tea cups. it was the perfect thanksgiving ❤️
I’m thankful that someone found actual video evidence of me running to find a bathroom when my hemmhorid pad slipped. I’m also thankful for family, friends, and you guys...but mostly for this video existing. #happythanksgivng
I don’t know which one of you took this or how it ended up in my tagged photos but I remember this moment very clearly. It was at this moment when my hemorrhoid pad slipped out of my anal cavity and started sliding down my pant leg so
i got a haircut and i’m in the wilderness. Both of these things are not normal for me.
We’re in!!!! :,) 🙏🏻❤️
My Day 7 Evacuation Look 👜👡👡
Me and ryland were so excited about our new home that before we even unpacked our stuff he made an oreo pyramid for the kitchen. Getting the keys to this place was one of the best days of my life and felt like the beginning of a new chapter
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