Preacher season 3 starts June 24th. Not for the easily offended.
I put different filters in my joints so I can tell the strain because that’s what you do when you’re me. #indicasativahybrid
It’s sunny in Vancouver which is a special occasion.
If you live in LA I recommend checking out @beyondthestreetsart in downtown. It’s a great show with a great collection of artists. You will enjoy it!! (This is @dabsmyla who has a great installation)
Found this great old pic of my grandmother in the old country.
Sleepy Zelda.
I know it’s not 4/20 anymore but I like this picture. When the three of us smoked there was this unspoken thing like “we found each other”.
Happy 4/20. May you be lucky enough to find yourself somewhere that weed is plentiful and legal.
#TBT to me at a Bar Mitzvah. Now you see why Mclovin wears a vest in Superbad. I look like Aladdin.
I’m on @desusandmero tonight! Watch and enjoy. Their brand is strong.
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