Zelda loved visiting Mars.
Me and Zelda exploring some shit.
Some Russian women appear to have taken a cardboard cut-out of me on vacation.
Thank you @_sergiogarcia_ for this mind-blowingly wonderful piece. It’s an honor. Now I just need this tattoo in real life.
It’s been brought to my attention that Jay-Z used to have an umlaut in his name and my mind is fucking BLOWN.
Zelda loves getting in her carrying bag. Because she’s super lazy. Which I totally get.
Here’s a trailer for #LikeFather, a movie that I’m in that I think is very good and you will enjoy! It’s available on Netflix on August 3rd and it’s free so you might as well just watch it!! Thanks!!
I co-directed the pilot for Black Monday, which just got picked up to series on Showtime. I’m psyched for you to watch it. It stars @doncheadle @andrewrannells @morereginahall and they’re all fucking dope.
Bill Murray by Andy Warhol.
All this new music got me feeling like this!!!!
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