This chart shows that Wisconsin’s economy (GDP) grew faster than just about any other state in the nation. 👌🏻 #WIWorking
Yesterday, it was announced that Wisconsin’s unemployment rate just hit a new all-time low at 2.8%! Let’s keep moving #WIForward and help our state win the 21st century with more bold reforms! 👍🏻
We’re showing support here at the Wisconsin executive residence for law enforcement -- during #NationalPoliceWeek, and every week, we #BackTheBadge!
Enjoyed visiting the Two Rivers School District today with Tonette to hear about how the trauma-informed care movement is changing lives in Wisconsin.
Cool look into a hanger at Manitowoc County Airport 🇺🇸
And the sun is down.
Our $100-per-child tax rebate is helping these families – and many more like them – prepare for the upcoming school year. We’re returning your money because it’s the right thing to do. #WIWorking
The Wisconsin comeback is real. We just reached a new ALL-TIME-LOW unemployment rate at 2.8%. We don’t want to go back to when Democrats controlled state government and unemployment hit 9.3% -- let’s keep moving forward and win th
FLASH SALE -- TODAY ONLY! Get ready for summer with some brand new Scott Walker gear, and help us keep Wisconsin moving forward. 🇺🇸🌞 Link in bio.
Now that Wisconsin is on the right track, we’ve been able to make investments in worker training to fill the jobs from all those “help wanted” signs. Great to see Wisconsin on a comeback – now, let’s keep moving for
BIG NEWS! Wisconsin’s unemployment rate just hit a NEW ALL-TIME LOW at 2.8%! We are ready to win the 21st century!
Look at the difference since we took office in unemployment rates. Wisconsin is Working.
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