A camera company flew me to Hawaii last week to test their new camera.... this is a photo of me obviously working very hard 😉🤙🏼hahaha mahalo
Does anyone else literally have to have some form of creativity with them at all times? #Ad Now that I'm back to creating YouTube videos twice a week I doubt you'll ever see me without a camera in my hands! This little guy is the Canon EOS
Forgot to tell you guys how I spent my birthday back in May! Hahahaha I completely wiffed on posting this and then not posting it gave me anxiety.... so tonight I'm taking action and finally uploading it lol! You should post something you'v
My son and his mother. 🦁😍
I know I've been MIA from YouTube for the last few weeks but this is why lol... Honestly had the most incredible time traveling halfway around the world with these two amazing individuals, life has some truly inspiring moments in it and thi
Quick snapshot of @angeliquecooper and I exploring the streets of Lagos in southern Portugal this summer 🏖️ Can anyone guess where we are going next week??
You love, who you love. It's who you love.
Oh, you can't make yourself stop dreaming
Who you're dreaming of
If it's who you love
Then it's who you love
& You're the one I love.
In this exact moment I realized anything is possible, thank you to @greyhoundlines for bringing me out to witness this historical event firsthand! And Thank you to Travis Pastrana for always pushing the boundaries and showing us The Impossi
Can't believe I have to leave this little one behind today to go halfway across the world.
When I get back we will have been dating over 4 years!! 😍🎉 I love you more and more everyday @angeliquecooper , thanks for put
It's not every day you get to meet one of your childhood heroes! Feeling beyond blessed I got to partner with @greyhoundlines to come out here to Las Vegas to film a hero of mine attempt 3 of the most iconic jumps in history! Thank you for
Don't be fooled by what you see online, life is a journey. No one has "it" figure out, cause we don't even know what it is! All we know is  everyday is an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and try to grow into the person you want to
You have never seen a girl smile until you put 2lb of Lobster in front of her 😍🤘🏼 - Lisbon, Portugal 2018
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