Me and my shadow friend in the early morning.
After breakfast with inspiring people like @saraziff @ambrabgutierrez @mad_hill @teddy_quinlivan, hearing stories that remind me again that change is needed to protect the wellbeing of models, I want to share the #RESPECT letter that models
Early morning shadows
My very first airplane selfie! Thank you @therealistdotti for the delicious skin oil #mvorganicskincare ❤️
Brooklyn by night
Paschimottanasana - Here you can see mr. BKS Iyengar’s feet in this pose. Through yoga slowly but truly layers of ourselves become unraveled and transformed. Through our body and breath we start to know ourselves. Are there others out
One more @vogueitalia @mertalas @marcuspiggot @thomasdekluyver @paulhanlonhair @typhaine_manucure @gb65 ❤️
Another one for @vogueitalia by @mertalas and @marcuspiggot @_mariechaix_ @thomasdekluyver @paulhanlonhair @typhaine_manucure 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Flying!🌈🦄for @vogueitalia by @mertalas @marcuspiggot @thomasdekluyver @paulhanlonhair @typhaine_manucure 🦋
@vogueitalia with @mertalas and @marcuspiggot ❤️❤️ @gb65 @thomasdekluyver @paulhanlonhair @_mariechaix_
Old school #fotomaton for @hugo_official
Not a selfie 📷 @vincentvandewijngaard ❤️❤️
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