“But the seventeenth century was really just a domino in the methodical Rube Goldberg contraption of this country, as well as its neighboring powers.” 🌄 Check our another new article, live at @ustoanyc, and in bio.
“It’s one of those views that elicits speechlessness for its beauty, as much as it haunts you with its endlessness” 🗺 New article going live Thursday @ustoanyc.
A guard and a monk are standing outside a fortress. The guard asks the monk, “You think you’re Buddha than me?” The monk turns to the guard, “Oh, give it arrest.”
What better time to share my first Instagram-landscape than midnight on a Friday? I did spend too much time trying to square the composition on this one— and while it could be done, at the end of the day, I just enjoy the frame of this
Sorry folks, he’s taken. Dorji, holding down the literal fort, Punakha Dzong. 🗺 “Like flags of faith, they dried along strands, and in troves, they dried atop the roofs and awnings. Sun-kissed, rain-drenched, raked and
This week, @cachaej, @elbow_macaroni and I jumpstarted our holiday spirit the right way, with an evening downtown at the @phoenixsymphony, enjoying the festive Holiday Pops performance— as well as a bit of Holly Jolly Punch to help war
New article on my experience with this Bhutan favorite, live @ustoanyc, link in bio! Go check it out! 📝 — “This agriculturally thriving, and carbon-negative Himalayan country, employ this crop as a staple of their daily
No words can quite articulate a day like this, but it’s why we keep coming back. A day, nonpareil, spent in uninterrupted serenity at our private villa, @mandapareserve. Breathe in, close your eyes, face the sun; listen to the jungle,
@cachaej turned 30 today. Three decades of impact on Earth. Nearly eleven-thousand sunsets, and counting. Cachaé is unstoppable, impassioned and regeneratively filled with inspiration which she shares with others. I’ve been gifted
Where grains of amber and emerald fronds will take you there.
Little monk. I awaited, atop the highest peak, a place so far, so serene, where studies are held beneath holy Himalayan trees. I stood an hour for him to decide he would see me. I took his Polaroid, and he gleefully accepted. This little mo
Air so fresh, you’d think you were breathing in the heavens; fresher than that of the mossy Westfjörds, or the dense camphors of Honshu. Dochula Pass, and its Druk Wangyal Chortens, built as a memorial to those who served in Bhuta
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