I currently sit, working in Doha, Qatar, halfway through my journey across the world, and reflect on my recent travels with this one. While I will always advocate the therapy of traveling alone, I cannot stop wishing you were by my side, @c
One of the most standup gentlemen I’ve ever had the pleasure of also calling a friend, sitting down. In front of my camera, behind his; @alexwhiten. Thank you to Alex and his lovely wife, @christywhiten (as well as their pupper and fro
Off to Nashville! With just a *few* necessary additions courtesy of my friends at @pumasportstyle and @polaroid— particularly excited about these RS-0 and RS-100 Polaroid kicks. Proudly packing the current Polaroid Snap Touch as well.
In two weeks, I’ll be on my way to one of the most culturally remarkable journeys of my life to date. I’ll be making my way via Doha, into Kathmandu, and over the Himalayas into the great Kingdom of Bhutan, and back to Nepal—
Formative birds, thick of fog and some Seussish conifers— that about does it for me. @wjboh had no choice but to pull over and let me loose for this one, I was beginning to drool all over the back seats. 🌲 #afarambassador #t
Just over 12 hours left to submit your unplanned entries into this contest for your best unplanned photos! @passionpassport #PPInTheNow is all about those unexpected, extemporaneous, and surprising moments that make their way into your came
On a drive through Oregon, a buzzing lavender field caught our attention. @cheyp had no protest in pulling off to pick some; and @cachaej made friends with a few [thousand] bees. There was also a resident porch-cat, and resident yard-woman
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