This week in Washington, I learned about Doggo and its origin, with some Google’d aid from @cachaej & @elle_camille_. I learned that the term originated in an Australian textbook sometime in the sixties, but it’s believed to‘
Perhaps one of my favorite moments from Hong Kong. The weather was completely unpleasant, the streets were chaotic and congested; scents of hot produce; and bells chorused of upturned tar machines, bleeping and chirping at our prevalent spe
Bellissima! Last week, mio bella, Cachaé and I sat ‘cross one another to an extraordinary @eatnorthitalia community dinner. We indulged upon a thoughtful four-course feast, accompanied by rare wine pairings, and welcomed new frien
I was pleasantly surprised this afternoon to see I’d been featured by ↯ @buzzfeed, via @apple News, as one of seventeen “amazing photographers” to follow on Instagram, “because having Cordwell's vibrant photography
I know I share a lot of photos of @cachaej, but I have a really big crush on her. And while I’d hope you all enjoy photos of her as much as I do, it’s probably a good thing I like them the most. No matter the opulence of our itine
Sure, Mexican Coca-Cola, Chinese fireworks and Italian sausage are all cornerstones of our two-hundred-year-young strip-mall. However, for me, it doesn’t get much more ‘merican than an Instagram #carcorners of a classic all ‘
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