Mirrored lenses to show ma nature how pretty she is.
Thank you @costasunglasses for creating plant based sunnies. Your efforts to create awareness about plastic and its long-term effects on our oceans is so appreciated. Link in my bio f
Dumbest thing I’ve ever done for a pic. #butthinkofthelikes #imnotcoldyourecold 
PC: @mountainpooper
My mom thinks I’m special and that’s good enough for me. 🙃 #27today 
PC: @ryan_burke11
LADIES.. A question for you. If I were to host a 5-7 day outdoor photography workshop in the Tetons mid-September, would you be interested in coming? If so, what would you want it to include? I’m in the process of putting one together
30MPH winds + a $6 kite from the nearest Walmart made for one of the most entertaining afternoons. I took hundreds of photos during a two day visit to White Sands and was obsessed with the simplicity of the landscape and how fun it was to p
A few randoms about me:
1. Growing up in Wyoming, I loved these flowers (Arrowleaf Balsamroots) and always imagined I’d have a big bouquet of them when I got married.
2. I have two degrees and a private helicopter pilot license. None
A few million years ago, a body of water retreated. Layers of gypsum were left behind - broken down by wind and water till all that remained were fine grains of sand. Now, shimmering shapes in a constant state of change make for one of the
Last ski shoot of the season and I must say, we came away with what I feel are some of the most beautiful photos I’ve taken this year. I love watching athletes perform their art on the snow and in the sky. Swipe to the right for some b
Early morning tours for earning turns, and later, snacks. I’m forever grateful for protected spaces to escape to, and appreciate organizations and brands that help protect and maintain these special lands. Brands like @Nature_Valley, w
A crisp sunrise/moonset. Taking this photo, I reminisced on a day around this time last year when I skied this peak with my Sweetheart. We got ourselves in a situation that could have been avoided, and both ended up setting off slides that
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