Even the lookalike knows where the camera is. #shotoniphonex
Page 38 from my book, sits comfortably on the dining table of a friend’s home. In the wonderful company of fruits, cakes, books, animals and some new weather borne cracks on the wall. 
To get a copy of my self-published photobook, The
Once the cartons of books arrived at my home, I began looking for cost effective packaging. Some suggested I put the book on amazon and let them deal with it while some offered other ideas. I made rounds of local stationery and hardware sto
Waiter, there’s a man in my Rajma Chawal!
After a fabulous experience talking about my book at THE LOFT in Pune, I took a much needed break from being the book salesman and headed to photograph a different kind of Dasara. A week long rave of sorts that culminates in the turquoise w

Self publishing is by no means easy and I was completely aware of that. My book, The Red Cat and Other Stories came together and became a reality thanks to my friends, social media followers, photographers and many strangers chipped in to h
Poor Twisted Me. 
Hello hello Bombay folks, please come by tomorrow, 6th October, 5pm to @frameboxxandheri for a conversation where I will be sharing snippets from my journey as a photographer. I’ll also be talking about some of the key processes, decis
Damned if you speak, damned if you don’t. 
Vandalized posters of these sort often make me wonder what must be going on in the mind of the person who does so. What is it that he or she wishes to say by such an action? 
In my book, The
Some time in 1992, was the first time I came across Naveen Rathod. My friends and I had bought tickets in black to watch a reasonably terrible Shah Rukh Khan starrer at Gaiety, part of a complex of three other screens, Galaxy and Gemini. Th
On 12th May 1978, a little over three years before I was born, a multi starrer by the name of DON released in Indian cinemas. A blockbuster by all measure, the film also featured a hit song called Khaikey Paan Banaras Wala, sung by Kishore
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