The sight. The sounds. The sudden changes and the subtle reactions. It happens so fast that it all becomes a blur — but, somehow, it’s a blur you remember forever. @tikanuismith in Tahiti.
No buildings. No people. No sounds, except for the thunder of the waves, the howl of the wind and the screams of your excitement. @natxogonzalez1, alone with a dream. Watch the full Discovery edit, now playing on @stab. Clip: @jonbakio
@kaelwalsh, on an ultralight beam (and a 5'11"), shot a few hours ago around the #QuikPro France.
Local hero. Wild card. Giant killer. @marclacomare just beat current World #1 @jordysmith at the #QuikPro. We told you there'd be upsets - and it's still only Round 3. Hit the @wsl to watch it live.
Yep. This is what the waves look like right now - you probably could’ve guessed that the #QuikPro is back on. Watch it live on the @wsl.
Pure lines. Pure power. @floresjeremy and a fine moment from the first Round of the #QuikPro. With waves like this, we’re rolling straight into Round 2.
And just like that, the #QuikPro has been call ON! Very, very on. The waves are solid. The wind is offshore. And the sun will be shining till dusk. It’s going to be one hell of a day — watch the live webcast on the @wsl website.
Two tags and a tube. @kanoaigarashi paints a big blue canvas on the last of the lay days at the #QuikPro. With plenty of swell and perfect winds, the contest will most likely be on tomorrow morning — we’ll see you bright and early
Proof that @connoroleary has a rail game everyone can admire. Shot on another lay day at the #QuikPro
You could be on your couch. On your phone. On a Netflix binge or on a Facebook bender. Or, you could go surf fun 2-foot waves and somehow experience this. @connoroleary and @mikeyfebruary and the perks of a well-made decision.
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