“The commitment of the KFOR contingent has been renewed in a climate dominated by moments of relaxation and Serbian provocations and in a country where 90% of the population is Albanian political situation remains unstable with still 7
#coxsbazar is the world’s longest unbroken #beach. Although being a favourite tourist spot, this beach is largely visited from various parts of the country and remains one of the major attractions for holiday. @arafatbinsiraji found ou
“I think you need to know your history and what grounds you are standing on, you need to know where you come from. You can learn it from the books, or from the web, or from school, but you should know it. And I don’t mean name dro
This series is about the everyday life of young people in the province, about a way of everyday life where life drugs and alcohol are present, about the days that go unnoticed and they aren’t really any different, whether it is a weekd
This series of photographs are composed of the same region and time. The photographs are an invitation into a nostalgia of something never experienced before by the viewer, memories transformed into images which reconstruct the summers of a
It rained ashes for three days. On Friday, September 1st, 2017 a fire broke out in La Tuna Canyon near Sunland, CA and over the next few days developed into the largest brushfire fire in Los Angeles history. Hundreds of people were evacuate
On Street: an editorial by Elodie Chapuis / Photographer @elodie_chapuis / Stylist @ayacoucou / Hair stylist and MUA @kanamu_kusakae / Model @yvangurung @elite_paris / Photographer assistant @theoblazy / Production @philippe_cube_show
The lack of a general knowledge of the city is widely found in the average citizen being focused on its own micro-city. Recent urban studies have defined Rome as a metropolitan area, spread on a very large and articulated territory, where p
US Maximum Security Prison: new prospectives / Twelve maximum security inmates, seven community volunteers, and five puppies. This is the group of dedicated individuals making up the Canine Partners for Life (CPL) training program in SCI G
From Cinque Terre to the green valleys of Val di Vara, nature is an important and recurrent element. As the series developed, the project focused more on the relationship between the urban element and the natural one, on how these interact
Janna is an Italian housewife that seems to come out of a Neorealist film of the 50s. She has spent all her life raising her 3 children and taking care of her husband. From when she gets up in the morning, she starts a busy routine of laund
Linea 54: fashion in Marghera (Ve) / Photography and art direction @veronica_dbl_ph / Styling @nicole_lago / MUA @marty.blondie / Models: @samisc, Camilla, Beatrice @mabamanagement, Sarah Misciali, @davide_pagnossin, Fiore Colaizzi / C
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