“In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful.” - Alicia Walker / Visual Exercises: a series of diptychs by @alicjabrodowicz

#nature #hum
“I worked all weekend with @davfastfoot, an athlete. I discovered him few weeks ago in Milano. He was doing a performance around Piazza Duomo, as soon as I saw him, I said I have to be his friend, and I have to shoot him. So I did. Unf
“Those photographs are taken from the ‘Cuzion/gargilesse’ serie, which takes place around those two villages, in the region of Berry (France), a piece of countryside familiar to me. I was very interested into exploring the s
Positive Magazine together with @esperienzapepe presents the closing party for the Venice Film Festival. Check on our website or our Facebook page the infos of the event.

SUBTOPIA / “I Remember, I Remember,” Larkin writes, “Nothing, like something, happens anywhere.” This notion of the nothing that happens anywhere is one of the major themes at the centre of #AdrianSaker’s photograp
CENTRO / Centro is an on-going inquiry into the housing issue in downtown #SaoPaulo, South America's biggest metropolis. As a result of decades of disinvestment and decline the central district of Sao Paulo has lost approximately 300,000 r
MUSIC FOR FASHION / “When I started doing soundtracks for shows or assisting other people who did, I discovered a world that is barely imaginable for those who don't experience it first hand. The production value of these ordeals is a
RAMALLAH’S YOUTH AT A CROSSROAD / #Ramallah, once a mere village on the outskirts of #Jerusalem, has seen its population double and land prices surge. The de facto capital of #Palestine has boomed over the past five years, with new re#Ramallah #Jerusalem #Palestine
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