♠️♣️ Vegas VIBES ♥️♦️
I had the best time in Las Vegas at the O meeting everyone! I was just in Mexico City 2 weekends ago for the fit weekend NOW.... WHERE SHOULD I TRAVEL TOO NEXT? [Comment a city
Many people think that squats target your glutes... but what if I told you they didn’t... 🤯 Don’t get me wrong squats work your glutes and your hamstrings but the main focus is on your QUADS! So what if you want to targ
I’ve been MIA for a few days! HAVE YOU GUYS MISSED ME!? 😌💕 I’ve had a very hectic week! Lots going on... but I wanted to drop in and share with you my 8 best HIP THRUSTER VARIATIONS!
◽️Laying Di
Join me for a @F45_training workout! 
This workout is as fun as my pants! hehe 💛🧡 This is what a F45 workout looks like... it gets the endorphins pumping and the good energy flowing! Surround yourself with people that
Bigger legs than most dudes I date... 😜
10 Things to Remember...
🖤 Never give up on. Miracles happen everyday.
🖤 Learn to listen. Opportunity often knocks very softly.
🖤 Never deprive someone of hope.
🖤 Strive for excellence, not pe
When you show up, and she has bigger quads than you... 😜😤💪🏼 TAG A FRIEND BELOW #newweekmotivation
8 different hip thruster variations is now live! Here’s 4 variations of the 8 shown in the full video on my channel. 🍑 Hip thrusters are one of the best glute focused exercises! Now here’s a bunch of fun varieties so yo
My height 5’5 | My current weight is 128.6lbs. I just measured my body fat and I’m 10.6% - I do functional training 3 days a week and weight train 3 days a week with
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