Sorry to spoil everyone’s fun and not joining in but it’s kinda true 🤷‍♂️
With Lucy @vitb12boost called me a big fat woooosssss.... 😖💉
Wow - @bayerofficial official response from there CEO to this was “we didn’t create this drug for Indians, we created it for western patients who can afford it” I mean wtf... these company’s should be boycotted and regul
Please go and support @portlympnepark They are not captured and caged for us to look at, you can tell straight away the animals come first here. 
Going to a Zoo never felt comfortable to me, this is quite the opposite. . @theaspinallfounda
Check this guy out @thejakemorrell on tour... new music new tour! ❤️🙏
Thinking of going back to this white silver hair! More fun! More me.... what you think??
Me trying to save money like .....
Lazer tattoo on my whole back... this shit hurt like a bitch!!!! Out with the old in with the new... change is good 🙏
Bring me back to the music 🙏❤️
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