Meet Gregory Bright.

Greg Bright and his co-defendant, Earl Truvia, were convicted in 1975 of the second-degree murder of Eliot Porter in the New Orleans Calliope Housing Project. They were sentenced to life without parole. At the time,
I'm grateful to have been #sponsored by @onstarusa to document a few stories in Baton Rouge last week, where New Orleans artist Brandan 'B-mike' Odums and Baton Rouge artist Jacob Zumo collaborated on a mural about the power of the two citi
Very sad to hear of Mr. Okra’s passing. Here’s a portrait from his 2014 NOLAbeings post ❤️ —-
“My daddy used to do this and when we growed up we started doing it. We used to go in the truck and things with him
"There was a film team from France, they came here to do a TV series about architecture and lifestyle around the world. And they came here and they only had a week and [when they arrived] they had the whole story already written. They were
"My grandmother is Serbian and lived her whole life in or near Belgrade which is the capital of Serbia. But because of different wars - WWII and then the Civil War - without ever leaving her home she lived in 5 different countries over tim
“One time I was serving a customer – he said 'Hey you know something? You Arabs, you just came to kill innocent people, to blow them up and that's it. You make bombs and you kill innocent people, that's your job. You don't belong
"I grew up in New Orleans and went to a school called John Curtis. I was the first African American to go to school there, in 1979. But it was a good experience. Everybody treated me like I was part of the family. I was a running back. I w
"I write poems and songs and roasts and toasts and stuff for people, so my company is called Toast of the Town. It's a blast. I've been doing it since high school. [For example,] if a group of people want to give the bride something, I int
"What's occupying my mind? The uncertainty of what's to come. Will I live the next year in this city or in another environment, that's gonna be somewhere else? I'm getting a new visa so hopefully I can continue working in this beautiful pl
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