One crazy dream turns into another.
And another.
And another.
And another.
And another.
“To dream big requires courage.” - @iremyamany
Imagine loving your sport so much that you go a decade without winning a tournament and still don’t quit. Then, one day, you win. And then you win again. And again. And
“It’s in women’s nature to be strong.” - @yasemin.adar
Before Turkish wrestling champion Yasemin Adar became the best, people had more to say about her looks and her lifestyle than her talent on the mat. But she
3107 Pico Boulevard.
It was here that Nike’s original crazy dream came to life. Under the title "Blue Ribbon Sports," a runner named Jeff Johnson stopped selling shoes out of the back of his van and started meeting athletes
“We live in a time where everything should be possible, but you have to fight for change.” - @zeina.boxer
German boxer Zeina Nassar didn’t start out looking to change the rules, but when she saw that women like her w
“I don’t wanna be just some other boxer with a good story. I want to be known as a great boxer.” - @somaliboxer
A lot can be said about British boxing champion Ramla Ali’s past, but it doesn’t define her. I
"It’s my walk to the ring alone and it’s my fight to fight alone.”
14 years ago, Ghanian-born @boxingbuatsi came to the UK with a crazy dream. This Saturday, it’s on him to keep fighting for it. #justdoit
“My dad sacrificed his dream, so I could live mine.” @kyrieirving #justdoit
🔈 on.
“I want my legacy to be universal.” @michaelbjordan’s dreams are bigger than the big screen. #justdoit #creed2
Don’t just dream of a place on the podium. Dream of a place in history. #justdoit
Don't chase records. Chase history. #justdoit
"People once told me that I couldn’t be a wrestler because I’m a woman.”
World Championship finalist @yasemin.adar keeps doing what she was told she couldn’t.  #justdoit
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