Sliding in balance | Deslizamiento en equilibrio #nicanorgarcia #travelarchitectures
Back to the future | Regreso al futuro #nicanorgarcia #travelarchitectures
As capital of Thuringia, Erfurt received a lot of influence from the Bauhaus. Exterior illumination of buildings was just starting to be popular around this time. T
Peripheral vision | Visión periférica #nicanorgarcia #travelarchitectures
One interesting Bauhaus building in Dessau is the Kornhaus, designed by Carl Fieger in 1929-30. It is still used as a restaurant, and I can tell you that t
Time flies | El tiempo vuela #nicanorgarcia #travelarchitectures
The Bauhaus school was created in 1919, and in 1925 it was moved to the new building in Dessau, shown here. It still has a contemporary appearance, but 100 years ago it was p
Industrial diamond | Diamante industrial #nicanorgarcia #travelarchitectures
The Bauhaus school existed for a total of 14 years. During 7 of those years, it was located in Dessau, where Walter Gropius moved it from Weimar. Its influence on
Genetic music | Música genética #nicanorgarcia #travelarchitectures
Tic tac toe | Tres en raya #nicanorgarcia #travelarchitectures
Orange attraction | Atracción naranja #nicanorgarcia #travelarchitectures
The good old times | Los buenos viejos tiempos #nicanorgarcia #travelarchitectures
Human after all | Humano a pesar de todo #nicanorgarcia #travelarchitectures
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