So excited to be in LA at #eeeeeatscon with the @infatuation. Good weather, @stellaartois and some great food! #ad #joiedebiere#eeeeeatscon #joiedebiere
Waking up at 7am on a Saturday? Not so fun. But waking up for this? Now that’s worth it... 🌸
Spring, is that you? (Ps. Are you following my personal account yet? Come say hi - @lize)
The most perfect snow globe. 📸 @wynneleila
Best view in the city, hands down. @lize
As long as I’ve lived here, I still get excited seeing this view from the plane. Anyone else? (Thanks @nigelsylvester for the snap!)
Brooklyn by one of my favorites, @tutes.
My uncle, @stephenshames, has been a photojournalist for over 50 years and has harnessed the power of photography to raise awareness around a multitude of social issues, one of which being race. He’s most famously known for his intimat
29. 🎂✨
A snowy TriBeCa. ❄️ Photo by @jacobsantiago
When New York turns into a snow globe. Photo by the talented @jacobsantiago. #bombcyclone
Currently traveling throughout northern Italy, so be sure to follow along on my other account, @lize! Any recommendations around Cortina/Verona would be much appreciated! 🙏🏻
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