Photo by @williamalbertallard | Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1964. This gently portrait of an Amish boy holding his pet guinea pig started my career as a professional photographer and my 50 years as a contributor to National Geographic M
Video by @bertiegregory | Meet the macaroni penguin. These special little penguins have some serious attitude. They are horrible to almost everything (the two exceptions being their mate and their chick). Surprisingly, they don't get their
Photos by @Hammond_Robin for @ICRC | “My hope is to be able to finish school so I can help mum and my siblings,” says 15-year-old Jaliyah from the evacuation centre that is now her home. Her infectious smile betrays the trauma fro
Only 1 day left to shop the @natgeoimagecollection flash sale FROM THE ARCHIVES: THEN AND NOW! You can shop this pair of images by @alisonwrightphoto and Thomas J. Abercrombie for only $100 each by clicking the link in our bio or visiting n
Photo by @pedromcbride | One giant framed by another: Mt Kenya, the tallest peak in this country looms over 17,000 feet above another towering soul quietly gliding through @lewa_wildlife - the nucleus of the community based conservation mod
Photo by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto | Xiayigou Earth Forest, Tibet’s Grand Canyon. The early morning light bathes the canyon in a beautiful bluish hue. Odd shaped rock forms carved out by water and wind erosion along the Xiangqu
Photo by @davidalanharvey | Many years ago I stayed for a couple of weeks here at the Sea Foam motel. I wasn’t on vacation, but shooting my first, but not last, story on the Outer Banks for @NatGeo. The place intrigues me. Partly a nos
Photo by @williamalbertallard | Lancaster County, PA, 1964.
The portrait of the fragile but seemingly unafraid little girl seen alongside the heads of two enormous draft horses was published in the August, 1964 issue of National Geographic
Photo by Stephanie Sinclair @stephsinclairpix | @tooyoungtowed. Baby, 17, and Claude, 48, of Freetown, Sierra Leone, were married during the Ebola crisis. Because of her small stature, Baby needed a cesarean section to safely give birth to
Photo by @magnuswennman | Commuters sleeping on the Tokyo subway. The Japanese term inemuri (sleeping while present) is a distinkt form of napping in wich a person dozes in a place not meant for sleep, such as the subway or at reastaurants.
Photo by @maggiesteber | This is Philomene, a young girl I photographed in the dry northwest town of Beauchamp, Haiti many years ago.  I’m posting her photograph to remember her and other young Haitian girls today on the International
Photo by Stephanie Sinclair @stephsinclairpix // #sponsored by @OneSight // Debora Anodade Da Silva, 21, has her vision checked with an EyeNetra portable handheld phoropter, a lightweight instrument used to measure refractive error and
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