It’s the kind of day you want to run around the underground taking pictures but your shoes are soaking wet! Where did our summer go? Is it the weekend yet?
50 shades of grey. 
Back in London after a little holiday. Did you miss me! 😂
The stage is set.
‘All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts’
William Shakespeare 1599
Down the line. 
I spend so much of my time on the tube looking as the lights,  tiles, handles and what happening behind me it takes me ages to get anywhere! #lostinthetube #londonunderground
A different angle. Liverpool St. #missundergroundescalators
Beauty in the making. 
New escalators at Tottenham Court Road Elizabeth Line. #missundergroundescalators
Bank Beauty. 
Rushing through Bank Station I am always looking at this tunnel and the adverts that transform this space. I haven’t managed to get this corner empty for ages!
Recently I have become obsessed with escalators. So much so I am doing a talk at the British Library on them tomorrow for the #boringconference. Tickets are still available so come a listen to be talk about Escalators. It might be
The tube is very hot at the moment and everyone seems to wanna get out as soon as possible!
I am doing a talk on my escalator images next week with the #boringtalks at the @britishlibrary on Tuesday! Come and see me! Tickets in my b
Up and out into the light.
New. 3/3
I was incredibly lucky to visit the Northern Line extension under construction a few weeks ago.
I saw Battersea Station in development with them putting down the platform panels as I was there!
Thank you to @Ferrovial for this
Three is the magic number. 2/3
Here is another image from my amazing trip with @Ferrovial down to see the progress at Farringdon Station on the Elizabeth Line (Cross Rail)
I fell in love with these escalators and the light. Imagine this
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