Chocolate Tiffin and Coffee. For those not in the UK, tiffin is a fridge-cake made from crushed digestive biscuits, chocolate, golden syrup and dried fruit. It's also absolutely delicious and the perfect accompaniment to afternoon coffee.
Cupcakes and Coffee. Mini heatwave here in the UK, all the spring garden flowers are opening and going over far too quickly! These lovely pale cream Narcissi only opened a couple of days ago and the tulips are impossible to capture 'in bud'
A Dance of Daffodils. Ah, daffodils β€” one of the heralds of spring! They're so late, this year, in the UK as the weather's been so cold and wet. It's lovely to be finally able to bring a few indoors and lend some much needed cheer. Add
Traditional Easter Simnel Cake 3 β€” Revenge of the Linen. Final shot of the Simnel Cake β€” this time decorated with blue/violet Chionodoxa (aka Glory of the Snow) and yellow polyanthus. One definite downside of vintage hand-made  l
Traditional Easter Simnel Cake 2 β€” the sequel! It's just too tempting to redecorate these Simnel cakes with different flowers. I've never been a fan of the blowtorch effect you see on a lot of Simnel cakes β€” I think spring flowers
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