When Autumn Leaves Begin to Fall.  Oh how I love the rich pinks and reds of the Virginia Creeper leaves in Autumn β€” it's a shame their full colour lasts such a short time before the leaves fall. Freshly baked chocolate banana cake (fro
Autumn's Bounty. The wheel turns and, as we reach the equinox and the year transitions from light to dark, the hedgerows are bursting forth with fruit, nuts and berries. Some home-made sweet buttery fruit, nut and oat flapjacks and fresh co
Still Life with Figs.  Another still life in the style of the 17th century Dutch painters. Antique pewter has such a lovely patina, it's perfect for this sort of shot, with its soft, diffuse highlights and reflections. 
#stillography #ig_c
Summer's Loss.  Well, it's only been autumn for a week now and I’m already missing the summer! Slightly experimental shot, setting up the curtains on two sets of lighting stands to form a 'bay' effect with leading diagonals towards the
Autumn's Abundance. The first of September marks the start of 'meteorological autumn' β€” certainly the hedgerows are bursting with beautiful ripe berries. Here, vivid red Guelder Rose berries add a vibrance contrasting with the grey ton
Traditional Still Life. Bit of a change, today, emulating the traditional  Dutch still life paintings that were so popular in 17th century. A simple mix of fruit and pewter items lit with natural window light. The image is then lighting cor
Lughnasadh / Lammas Harvest Celebration 2018. Only a few days to go before the calendar date for Lughnasadh β€” I’m always more of a believer in picking a convenient day, close to the date, that also 'feels' right. Here in the sout
Afternoon Tea.  Yup, I may have just reached 'peak copper' β€” 6 copper items in this photo β€” I simply love the warm rich tones that antique copper gives β€” complemented by the pinks of the hydrangea flowers. 
#stillography #ig
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