Sunshine brings happiness, but have you danced in the rain? 
Without rain nothing grows, embrace the storms of your life 🙂☔️🌈
😹 my life story
Ah the pressure of social media to look perfect.It can only harm you. Nobody is perfect and our flaws make us beautiful.And if something reeeeally really, but really bugs you  fix it-but in moderation.Fillers are not permanent (Thank God)an
If you only had time to do one thing, would you do your hair or makeup?
Describe 2018 with one emoji 👇🏼
Where you guys from?Drop me a flag🌎
A few closeups from the NYE makeup tutorial I filmed for my YT channel.Have you watched it? The link is in BIO ❤️ Love you guys hope you having an amazing middle of the week. I’m excited for this weekend wish it comes now now
Guys, thank you so much for the love on my previous post. I just wanna let you all know how much I appreciate you❤️ Things have changed so much over the years and all I can say is that I am grateful for all the lessons learnt. I a
Removed my lip fillers🙂 Finally! They changed my face so much everyone always asked me if I had plastic surgeries done.. I have never. It was the lips that made me look fake😪 But I am happy it wasn’t permanent.Too
Guys please checkout my new YT tutorial the link is in BIO ❤️ Let me know what you think please in the comments below!
LEFT OR RIGHT?-I say Left. She looks incredible with or without makeup! 😍
Which makeup product you can’t live without? Mine is- Foundation😩❤️
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