Headed back to the Bay Area for some final bits of a job that's filled up swaths of the last seven months.  NPR's coverage  of the Lion Air crash was playing on my journey to the airport.  The segment closed with an anchor asking a reporter
Stacks of smoked #Kokanee.  Third of four piles that have gone into the smoker in recent weeks, all from the state's Kokanee Give-Away that hands out recently-spawned fish to anyone arriving with a fishing license.  Funny side story: the wh
Detail from #Kokanee mountain.  Reflecting on our upbringing in a construction family, my brother once told me, "I've seen hard work.  And that's not what I do." We share that outlook, although cleaning and filleting this pile of fish cer
Another round of #kokanee #salmon from Colorado's salmon give-away piled high in a pickup truck that is (thankfully) not mine.  Sorry, Enterprise.  Sixty salmon in all, each of them headed for the smoker.  The state spawns them and, because
#oystermushrooms.  Went for a walk up a stream with cottonwoods while waiting on this afternoon's conference call.  The precipitation-heat-precipitation-heat thing that the fall has been giving has also given predicable results.  Same tree,
Round two of smoked #Kokanee.  The last of them go into the smoker tomorrow and the supply of fish gets refilled on Friday when the state will, again, give out recently-spawned salmon to anyone turning up at the fishery with a valid fishing
Ship.  Jesuit's Bend, #MississippiRiver just south of New Orleans.  Headed out of here after a quick trip into the city for the 12th National Harm Reduction Conference.  I've been relegated to a windowless room for a few days but finally es
Descending through a cloud bank into New Orleans for the 12th National Harm Reduction Conference.
Montezuma Hot Springs, Snow, Steam. New Mexico.
What remains un-salvaged in the generator room of the Plokstine Missile Base in Lithuania.  The site was one of the first underground IRBM sites, housing four Dvina nuclear missiles (and another in a nearby hangar for, uh, reloading), aimed
First three test #Kokanee coming out of an impromptu smoker dug into a retaining wall in the back yard.  Never tried this before but, based on how these taste, I'm hard pressed to ever be moved by any sales pitch for whatever smokers the lo
Part II. Cleaned and ready for dry ice.  A few years ago @northeastofnormal gave me a copy of 'An Entirely Synthetic Fish,' a book which describes a near global takeover of stocked waterways with rainbow trout, a fish endemic to the Pacific
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