The remains of elevated pipe-runs that once connected bunkers at adjoining nuclear missile launch pads stand in the Latvian forest.  Niagrande Missile Base, Latvia. Opened in 1962, the base once housed second generation, surface launched R-
A painting of a Soviet missileer on one of the few remaining buildings in the living quarters at the Niagrande Missile Base in Latvia.  Opened in 1962, the base once housed second generation, surface launched R-14 Chusovaya nuclear missiles
A square of concrete marks the contours of metal fittings that once anchored a nuclear missile to its launch pad. These octagon-shaped steel fittings —sometimes salvaged from their concrete moorings —are the hallmark of surface-la
A sign cautioning of the dangers of forest fires posted just outside a former nuclear missile launch pad.  Sateikiai Missile Base, Lithuania.  In recent days, I’ve been watching a lot of videos narrated by Larry Haun, a (now deceased)
Murals depicting Stalin, the Red Army, nuclear armament, and the industrial might of the Soviet Union adorn a wall in a Nuclear Missile Support Bunker.  Rohu Missile Base, Estonia.  In recent days, I’ve been watching a lot of videos na
Finishing work building a little outdoor kitchen behind my house this evening.  Work lights are on, which brought this creepy fucking swivel-headed terminator down to the countertop for a staring contest.  I think it was Nietzsche who famou
Nuclear Missile Hangar 8, Rohu Missile Base, Estonia.  Having visited dozens of these sites in recent years, I am developing a skill for picking them off satellite maps like Strangelove’s braille.  That’s not to say that the sites
Nuclear Missile Launch Pad, Sateikiai South Missile Base, Lithuania.  Constructed in the 60s and closed around a decade later, these early nuclear missile bases stored missiles and warheads in nearby hangars.  The missiles were to be launch
What remains of a nuclear missile hangar, Sateikiai South Missile Base, Lithuania.  The site could serve as the backdrop for a modern interpretation of Watteau, grass tall and trees heavy with all that the long, northern summer days bestow
#Lobstermushrooms.  A hot, dry August has left much of Colorado a little slim on the mushroom front.  A quick read of localized rainfall helps narrow down the spots that might have something good.  Lobsters are actually the result of a fung
Four distinct nuclear missiles silos are visible at each corner of the of the remote Plokstine Missile Base in the Zemaitijos National Park of Lithuania.  Built in 1960 , the base was the first underground installation constructed by the So
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