#WCW. Seventeen years ago, around this time of year, a 6 foot blonde in a vneck tshirt, cut-off jean shorts, a dishwasher’s apron and red clogs, opened the front door of @formaggiokitchen for me on my first day of work, after I showed
Blistered shishito peppers, fresh nectarines, @imilklee’s cheese and izak. .
I’ve been eating less nightshades these days- particularly Solanaceae, as they actually have a tendency to block neural transmission, lead to dehydra
#TBT. Two photos. Four years apart. 175 pounds down. Wellness, achieved. Bettering myself, a constant work in progress. Living in the moment. Dreaming of the future. Join me to talk about how to achieve our best selves @starchefs #chefscong
What grows beneath? Our collective ability to cultivate an idea that needs tending. It’s about people. It’s about product. It’s about relationships. It’s about belief systems. Its about opportunity. It’s about the s
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